"We are many.....and will take a moment.....                  
          ..... our wisdom will appear to you before we do."

Shamanism, the world's oldest healing tradition, is found in all cultures on Earth.

Shamans work with their allies--the animal spirits.

Learn the wisdom of over three hundred of these spiritual teachers.

Main List of Animals

Jaguar, Orca, Cougar/Mountain Lion/Puma and Crow/Rook

Wolf, Lynx, Coyote and Rabbit/Hare

Heron, Owl, Cheetah, Lion and Hummingbird

Polar Bear, Tiger, Frog/Tadpole, Lizard and Mole

Deer/Hart, Goose, Butterfly/Caterpillar, Duck,
Alligator/Crocodile and Mantis

Otter, Fox, Swan and Bat

Dolphin/Porpoise, Porcupine, Elephant and Eagle

Horse/Pony/Mustang, Willie Wagtail, Squirrel, Badger, Giraffe

Hawk, Dingo, Pelican and Vulture/Buzzard/Condor

Caribou/Reindeer, Sea Eagle, Hippopotamus and Sheep/Ram/Ewe

Buffalo/Bison, Spider, Opossum and Raccoon

Snake/Serpent, Goat, Damselfly/Dragonfly and Skunk

Turtle/Tortoise, Weasel/Ferret/Mink, Armadillo and Beaver

Zebra, Penguin, Moose, Woodpecker/Flicker/Sapsucker and Turkey

Llama/Guanaco/Vicuna, Koala, Peacock/Peahen and Rhinoceros

Seal, Antelope, Snow Leopard and Gull

Leopard, Bee, Hyena and Cardinal/Redbird

Black Panther, Baboon, Hedgehog and Jay

Camel/Dromedary, Falcon, Lemur and Grouse

Jackal, Goldfinch, Flamingo and Dove/Pigeon

Mouse/Vole/Lemming, Cow/Bull, Roadrunner and Chickadee

Octopus/Squid, Pig/Sow/Boar, Ant and Wasp/Hornet/Yellow Jacket

Crab, Chicken/Cock/Hen, Warthog and Beetle/Ladybug

Raven, Sloth, Gorilla and Donkey/Ass

Orangutan, Kangaroo, Panda and Roach

Elk, Manatee/Dugong, Parrot/Macaw and Ostrich

Wolverine, Bluebird and Monkey

Osprey, Cobra, Manta Ray and Grasshopper/Locust/Katydid

Golden Eagle, Meerkat/Suricate, Shark and Robin

Bear, Jellyfish, Anteater and Sparrow

Chameleon, Quail, Walrus and Scorpion

Salmon, Ibis and Rat

Whale, Crane, Wren, Mongoose and Toad

Dog, Cat, Echidna and Kingfisher/Kookaburra

Bobcat, Tarantula, Seahorse and Meadowlark

Wildebeest, Loon/Great Northern Diver, Hornbill and Platypus

Egret, Blackbird, Tasmanian Devil and Oyster

Musk Ox, Flying Fish, Snail/Slug and Finch

Kiwi, Woodchuck/Marmot/Ground Hog, Peccary/Javalina and Piranha

Sea Slug, Mosquito, Red Panda and Mockingbird

Wild Dog, Albatross, Moth, Starling/Mynah

Bee Eater, Bacteria/Protozoa, Hoopoe, Fly/Maggot/Gnat

Eel, Centipede, Nuthatch, Kinkajou

Kite, Titmouse, Swallow and Cricket

Prairie Dog, Thrush, Magpie and Bush Baby

Wombat, Pheasant, Salamander, Worm

Lobster/Crayfish, Chimpanzee, Canary and Stork

Cockatoo/Galah, Virus, Anemone and Junco

Firefly, Anhinga/Cormorant, Goldfish/Koi and Toucan

Parakeet, Muskrat, Dhole/Asian Whistling Dog and Fish

Ocelot, Coral, Nightingale and Tick

Partridge, Shrimp/Krill/Prawn, Stinkbug and Fantail

Oriole, Cuckoo, Chipmunk and Komodo Dragon

Barracuda, Waxwing, Guinea Pig/Hampster and Snipe

Leafy Seadragon, Tapir, Civet and Cassowary

Clouded Leopard, Bass, Carp and Flea

Caracal/Desert Lynx/Red Lynx, Nighthawk, Waxbill and Cuttlefish

Aye-Aye, Puffin, Whydah/Widow Bird and Conch

Resplendent Quetzal, Lungfish, Clam/Mussel

Mandrill, Termite, Sandpiper/Peep and Sand Dollar

Binturong/Bearcat, Leech, Fruit Fly,
Shrike/Butcher Bird and Gallinule/Moorhen/'Alae 'Ula'

Gazelle, Flycatcher, Emu and Horseshoe Crab

Warbler, Booby, Mayfly/Shadfly and Secretary Bird

Clown Fish/Anemone Fish, Beta/Betta/Siamese Fighting Fish, Minnow and Pine Siskin

Angelfish, Lionfish, Grackle and Marlin/Kajiki

Serval, Lorikeet, Frigatebird and Perch

Sea Turtle, Flicker, Hermit Crab and Kingbird

Pufferfish/Blowfish/Porcupine Fish, Spoonbill, Caracara and Starfish

Anole, Kudu/Nyala/Eland, Golden Lion Tamarin and Sponge

Walking Stick, Vervet Monkey, Rhinoceros Beetle and Dung Beetle

Oryx/Gemsbok, Sea Snake, Nautilus and Patas Monkey

Springbok, Soft-shell Turtle, Sea Fan and Waterbuck