"We are many.....and will take a moment.....
..... our wisdom will appear to you before we do."

Shamanism, the world's oldest healing tradition, is found in all cultures on Earth.

Shamans work with their allies--the animal spirits.

Learn the wisdom of over three hundred of these spiritual teachers.

51 Endangered Deer Species

Hear Deer speak
(Real Audio)

Deer/Hart's Wisdom Includes:

  • Gentleness in word, thought and touch
  • Ability to listen
  • Grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance
  • Understanding of what's necessary for survival
  • Power of gratitude and giving
  • Ability to sacrifice for the higher good
  • Connection to the woodland goddess
  • Alternative paths to a goal

12 Endangered Butterfly Species

Butterfly/Caterpillar's Wisdom Includes:

  • The power of the whirlwind
  • Reincarnation
  • Transformation
  • Transmutation
  • Magick

2 Endangered Alligator Species
16 Endangered Crocodile Species

Hear Alligator speak
(Real Audio)

Alligator/Crocodile's Wisdom Includes:

  • Maternal protection

  • Connection to the earth mother
  • Protection from manipulation
  • Understanding deceit
  • Revenge through patience
  • Initiation
  • Understanding weather
  • Access to ancient knowledge

Hear Goose speak
(Real Audio)

Goose's Wisdom Includes:

  • Movement along ones soul path
  • Understanding the power of community
  • Assisting others through illness
  • Happiness

24 Endangered Duck Species

Hear Duck speak
(Real Audio)

Duck's Wisdom Includes:

  • Grace on water
  • Water energy
  • Seeing clearly through emotions
  • Spirit helper of mystics and seers

Mantis's Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to manipulate time

  • Power to move between moments
  • Understanding of the circular nature of time
  • Power of stillness
  • Female warrior energy
  • Attack strategy

"Is not the core of nature in the heart of man?"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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