"We are many.....and will take a moment.....                  
          ..... our wisdom will appear to you before we do."

Shamanism, the world's oldest healing tradition, is found in all cultures on Earth.

Shamans work with their allies--the animal spirits.

Learn the wisdom of over three hundred of these spiritual teachers.

Hear Golden Eagle speak
(Real Audio)

Golden Eagle's Wisdom Includes:

  • Illumination
  • Understands the cycles of the Sun
  • All aspects of clear vision
  • The Solar Bird
  • Spiritual power
  • Sees from the highest places
  • Courage
  • Strength

Shark's Wisdom Includes:

  • A God of the Sea
  • Guardian of the family
  • Ability to move constantly
  • Savior
  • Protector
  • Connection to past knowledge
  • Shapeshifter
  • Remorselessness
  • Never being caught off guard
  • Ability to defend oneself

Meerkat/Suricate's Wisdom Includes:
  • Maternal nurturing

  • Caretaking

  • Watchfulness

  • Ability to live communally

  • Sacrifice for the good of the group

Hear Robin speak
(Real Audio)

Robin's Wisdom Includes:
  • Understanding the power of song

  • Happiness

  • Guide in the wisdom of change

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