"We are many.....and will take a moment.....                  
          ..... our wisdom will appear to you before we do."

Shamanism, the world's oldest healing tradition, is found in all cultures on Earth.

Shamans work with their allies--the animal spirits.

Learn the wisdom of over three hundred of these spiritual teachers.

Kiwi's Wisdom Includes:

  • Connection to the ancient wisdom of the Maori
  • Ability to scratch out truth
  • Understanding earth changes

Woodchuck/Marmot/Ground Hog's Wisdom Includes:
  • Sense of family and community

  • Connection to seasonal changes

  • Understands the power of cycles

  • Ability to hibernate (sleep) during hard times

  • Protection from floods

  • Ability to go underground when trouble arises

Peccary/Javalina's Wisdom Includes:

  • Connection to the large cats

  • Understands the conversation of death between predator and prey

  • Ability to warn others of danger

  • Quick movement to avoid harm

  • Self-sacrifice

Piranha's wisdom includes:

  • Service to the river and the life within it
  • Savagery
  • Tearing apart enemies
  • Understanding the power of groups
  • Ability to totally consume (use) what is given to you

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